Changing Query Window Background-Color

I was looking for way to give my eyes a rest from the white-bright background color I stare all day when working on SSMS, and in searching I have found this treat from SSMS. I thought your eyes would appreciate the break too.

Just for clarification, the query window is actually called Text Editor in SSMS.

  • Using SSMS 2012, go to Tools and then select Options
  • Extend “Environment” — if it is not already extended
  • Go to “Fonts and Colors”, Here, you will see a screen looking like this:


  • Then scan over “Item background” and from the drop-down menu select your color.


I have chosen for now “Silver” to give my eyes a rest, but from here you can make other selections and even customize background and font colors.



Now if you want to go back to your default settings just click on the “Use Defaults” on your Text Editor selection at the top,

or on the same drop-down menu for the item background you can select “Default”.


Well now back to work and have fun with SQL yellow-smiley-face-hi

Here is where you can find more information:

For 2012

For 2014


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